We offer the following range of goods and services to our clients:

1. Server Products:  Supply, Support and Maintenance.  We support various servers in our area, including our own

2. Support Contracts and Service Level Agreements.  We have a range of contracts suited to any business.  Our contract customers include corporates, saw-mills, restaurant chains, lawyers, and others

3. Advice and Solutions.  We can advise you on any IT solution needed, from supplying computers, software and gaming rigs, to setting up servers and networks.  If it is ITC, we can help

4. Sale of new computers and peripherals and accessories from our Technical Workshop and from our Online Website

5. Repairs and maintenance to existing computers, laptops, printers and other electronics.  We subcontract repairs of screens.  We can Repair Apple Products

6. Software support on the current popular packages

7. Networking, be it wired, or wireless.  Home or business.  We have installed and support small and large networks, with a mix of Wired and Wireless, with all types of traffic, all across Knysna

8. VoIP – Voice over Internet.  We have a stable, cost effective solution for any size business, saving you up to 40% on call costs

9. Our shop has a fully equipped workshop, open to the client.  We do not hide the client’s equipment behind a wall while we work on it.  The client has full access to watch what is happening

10. We also supply products and expertise in other related fields:

  • POS (Point of Sale) – We support various restaurants and retail outlets across Knysna
  • Omni Accounts, including the POS side – We are the local Omni distributors in our area
  • Biometrics (Clock card & Access Control using Fingerprints) – We have clients using our systems, we use the systems we sell – we know our business
  • Media systems

11. Business partner support to Multi-nationals – We do work for various Multi-national support companies