Omni Accounts



office-594132_1920croppedNot just Accounting …

Omni Accounts Software is a highly efficient, yet easy to use “all-in-one” accounting system that delivers focused and highly effective enterprise resource planning and business solutions that will meet ALL your expectations.

Designed to be scalable and configurable for most business solutions, Omni Accounts makes it possible for almost all business types to easily and seamlessly upgrade through the complete range of Omni Bundles and Switches.

Omni Seal of Authenticity

  • 30 years Experience in Accounting & Business Solutions
  • Trusted by over 37 000 users throughout Southern Africa
  • Accredited by Accountants & Professionals alike
  • Technologically Engineered for Seamless Growth
  • Highly Efficient, Affordable & Easy to Use

Omni’s Pick & Mix System

Select from 5 primary products. Each module is carefully balanced to meet different levels of sophistication.

Mix and Match to customise your OMNI module by selecting, activating, purchasing any additional switches (features) you require, over and above those available in the module you have purchased.


We are an accredited agent for Omni Accounts and assist our customers in the following ways:

  • Planning package needs
  • Sourcing hardware and software
  • Implementation and setup of the system
  • Training and go-live
  • Further fault finding and assistance as time goes by
  • We are available for telephonic and onsite support!

If you think you need a software package to control and monitor your business, give us a call on
044 382 0460/1, or email