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bg2We have had many years of experience in working with various POS systems, including Pilot, KingPOS, EasiPOS, Platinum POS, and many others. We do prefer to focus on our regular partners:

1 Falcon

2 PowerPOS

3 Omni Accounts


Falcon POS offers an affordable, user-friendly, and low maintenance POS solution, with multiple user levels, pricing controls, ticket handling, order routing, menu management, and reports. The system is used by numerous restaurants in the Knysna area, including Drydock, 34 South, Tapas and Sirocco, the Project Bar, JJ’s and île de païn.

iTFuture is the Local Distributor for the area and our services include Installation and Training.

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  • The POS system has 4 independent, but fully integrated POS systems that handle 800 items each giving a total of 3200 items
  • Sales item buttons can be set to specific positions to organise the layout to specific needs, like pizzas on the one side and toppings on the other. Buttons can have images or different colours
  • Table bookings are also shown in a graphical layout
  • Customer names can be printed on bills
  • A hold and send meals facility can be sent to the kitchen printers on request
  • Daily or even hourly specials can be set up by selecting a specific day and time period
  • Out-of-Stock control is easy to use and is very effective
  • Sales items can have 4 modifiers, quick notes and 3 kitchen order notes
  • Free-hand and quick kitchen prep notes to handle any client requests
  • Up to 5 kitchen printers are available with multiple printing to any number of the kitchen printers
  • User-friendly bill splitting and table transfers
  • Full debtors system for staff and client accounts
  • Access, void and discount control by pin, swipe cars and fingerprint
  • Loyalty discount cards or fingerprints are integrated into the POS
  • Promotions can be printed on bills
  • Specialised POS for functions
  • Take-away facility with printing of sequential numbers on bills and kitchen orders
  • Control over cash drawer opening for certain cashiers and waiters

Falcon POS offers 120+ real-time reports between any two dates and integrates to Pastel and Excel. Its integrated clocking system enables multiple clocking per day.

Further benefits include effective stock control and real-time GP and Gross Profit analysis. Supplier purchases are captured by invoice to update stock and accounting, and to control quantities and stock prices.

Contact us now to install your new Falcon POS. Call +27 44 382 0460/1 or email sales@itfuture.co.za.


PowerTill is a highly adaptable hospitality software suite from Power POS. There are over 6 500 systems installed in South Africa, Europe and Australia and its success has been built on a reliable database coupled with amazing software functionality.

PowerTill restaurant software has all the standard functionality that you expect in a POS system:

  • Support for up to 250 waiters per terminal
  • Login via code, magnetic card, iButton, ProxCard or fingerprint reader
  • Colour-coded buttons with pictures make it easy to operate and train new staff
  • Support for up to 14 kitchen and receipt printers with auto-backup
  • Sales entry via touch screen (8000 buttons) and/or programmable POS keyboard
  • Ability to easily split and merge table bills.

PowerTill also has a number of industry-leading features:

  • Support for meal deals (Combo’s), i.e. multiple items for a fixed price
  • The ability to sort kitchen items into groups (e.g. starters, mains, then desserts)
  • Auto-pricing control on add-on items like extra/swapped fillings in an omelette
  • Intelligent coupon printing based on items the customer has purchased

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With over 37 000 users, Omni Accounts offers a fully functioning Point of Sale system incorporating credit and cash sales, full cash ups, teller sales analysis, cash controls, bar code scanning and label printing. Windows 7, 8 and 10 Compliant. Omni is a modular system that can grow with your business.

iTFuture is the Local Distributor for the area and our services include Installation and Training.

Call +27 44 382 0460/1 or email sales@itfuture.co.za.

Features (Depending on Modules purchased)

  • Full Point of Sale
  • Back Office
  • Stock Control
  • PLUS Complete Accounting

Point of Sale Functions offer everything you need at the shop and it’s easy to control your tellers and daily takings. You can manage your stock, your customers and your suppliers efficiently. You can keep your fingers on the pulse with meaningful reports.

Contact us now to install your new Omni Accounts POS. Call +27 44 382 0460/1 or email sales@itfuture.co.za.