Windows 7 End of Life!

16 April 2019

Microsoft’s Windows 7 interface will reach the end of its extended support cycle on 14 January 2020. With 9 months to go, the 40.88% of users who still use Windows 7 (According to NetMarketShare’s September 2018 data) are urged to upgrade as soon as possible.

The main reasons for Microsoft endeavor to push everyone onto windows 10 is that after Microsoft ceases to release maintenance patches and updates for windows 7, users will become increasingly vulnerable to the ever-releasing viruses & Malware, software will also become obsolete and incompatible with windows 7 causing major functionality issues. Microsoft’s Mainstream and Extended Support release updates along with patches & bug fixes to counter any newly created threats that might harm your PC and without this steady release of patches to protect your PC, after January 2020, windows 7 users will become more susceptible to viruses and incompatible software & Apps.

People are discomforted by the unknown so when Windows 10 was released 29 July 2015, people were and still are reluctant to upgrade. There is however even more reason to upgrade with the end date approaching for Windows 7. It isn’t nearly as bad as people think though; although the two interfaces are distinctly different, there is more than enough similarities between to the two for one to easily navigate their way around using one’s knowledge of Windows 7. Once one becomes more comfortable with Windows 10, one could arguably say that Windows 10 is far more user friendly than Windows 7, with a straight forward and more sensibly laid out interface.

With the impending end of Windows 7 support, we at iTFuture have a solution to make your transition to windows 10 less stressful. For a limited time only, we will be offering a free Windows 10 upgrade from Window 7 with only the charge for labour.

-iTFuture Team


Windows 7 End of Life!

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