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Our Rates

  • ** All above prices include VAT at 15%
  • NO returns or refunds on Opened Inks OR Opened Software!
  • Standard Terms & Conditions apply. E&OE
Standard Call-Out/Workshop Rate (Out of [SLA*] Contract)R550.00 per hour (wef 30/04/2019)
Standard Call-Out Rate (In [SLA*] Contract)From R550.00; Negotiated on signing of Contract
* Service Level Agreements/Support ContractsOn Request! Please ask for a customised contract!
Minimum Charge(Workshop – ¼ hour)R150.00  (R600.00 p/h)
Teamviewer (depending on time spent)R150.00 (R600.00 p/h)
(Workshop – ½ hour)R300.00 (R600.00 p/h)
(Workshop – ¾ hour)R450.00 (R600.00 p/h)
Minimum Charge(Callout -1st Hr full thereafter in 15 min increments)R550.00 p/ PLUS mileage
Data Recovery(No Cure No Charge)Min R1650.00-R4400 (3/ 8 hours @ R500.00 p/h
External Source Min R7000.00
System Backup/ Flash Drive CopyR150.00- R550.00 + Flash/HHD (Or Own)
System Service(Brush, & Blow, System Speed up, Clean out etcR550.00
Clean out Virus, Malware)R550.00 (min in shop, R550.00 min + mileage callout)
System Rebuild(Backup data, Re-Install Operating system, Software,Min R1100.00-R1650.00 (2/3 hours @ R550.00 p/h
Drivers, Restore data, e-Mail etc)Min R1100.00-R1650.00 (2/3 hours @ R550.00 p/h
(Without Data Backup/Restore)R825.00 (1 ½ hours)
New System Installation on Site (included in Quotes)R1100.00 – R1650.00 plus Mileage
Traveling Fee (Minimum Charge of R34.00 –R8.50 per km both ways (no labour time charged on trips)
(Mileage)under ½ hour; trips 25Km + only one way charged) [Company Vehicle only])
After Hours Call-Out RateR1100.00 per hour (double time), 6pm-7am weekdays
From 1 pm Saturday to 7 am Monday
NetworkingR550.00 per hour plus parts/consumables
Minimum is R550.00 per new point
Network Cable (Made to length required)R9.50 per meter
plus R12.00 for plugs and boots
plus R50.00 (make fee)
ie 5m cable = R109.50
Equipment CostsAs per quotation (Free Quote on Request)
Web DesignAs per quotation (Free Quote on Request)
Graphic & Logo DesignAs per quotation (Free Quote on Request)
Web Site Hosting & E-Mail Hosting Domain Name RegistrationsFrom R150.00 per Month
Fault Report Fee (including Free Quote)R300.00 – R550.00 (Offset against replacement price,  within quote time)
Screen RepairsOutsourced, Partially refundable – R300.00 minimum assessment fee. Upfront payment to place the order
Printer RepairsNon-refundable assessment deposit – R450.00 before starting job
Internet Café/E-Mail Downloads/Downloads (own Flash/Disk)R50.00 per Half Hour
Other prices on requestFree Quotes

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