We have a Telephone system for you – using modern VoIP equipment and solutions, between branches or stand alone. We also provide various Biometric Control Solutions.

Modern VoIP (commonly known as VoIP or Voice over IP) telephone systems are Cost Effective, Scalable and utilise computer cabling. They can utilise broadband connections for porting or diverting calls over the Internet, which is cheaper and more flexible than traditional services such as ISDN or Analogue line rental.

Multiple call sessions can be made on a single number (incoming and outgoing); there are no geographical boundaries; and you also have the ability to port calls to your cell phone if you’re away from the office. Phone and number portability means if you move offices, you can be up and running in the amount of time it takes to get a data connection.

Now you can work from your office, your home, or on the road and keep your extension ringing no matter where you go.