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Tech Advice

Identify Phishing Emails

Phishing emails, or email scams are not new to the world of the internet. The only difference between scams now and scams sum 20 years ago is the frequency of occurring as well as how easy it is to fall for them! – The scammers have evolved with the times. It is important to be…
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Hacking of Facebook Accounts

With almost 2.41 billion monthly active users, as of the second quarter of 2019, there is bound to be a copious amount of cases of users being hacked; Unfortunately, it is a risk when using social media, especially a platform as actively used as Facebook. If you have been hacked or you know of a…
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Microsoft Office Licensing

The Misunderstanding of Microsoft Office Licenses. There is a misunderstanding around the buying of an Office License; many still believe that purchasing a new license once-off will have lifetime access to the programs included, however, this is only partially correct; There are offers for a once-off purchase i.e. Home & Student or Home & Business,…
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You Definitely Need an SSD!

As technology advances, we need to keep concurrent with the trends and upgrades are becoming more of a necessity. Technologies that are being released currently are growing exponentially in their capabilities and overall processing power. Applications such as games and design programs coincide with the release of new technology to fully utilize the potential of…
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