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You Definitely Need an SSD!

You Definitely Need an SSD!

As technology advances, we need to keep concurrent with the trends and upgrades are becoming more of a necessity. Technologies that are being released currently are growing exponentially in their capabilities and overall processing power. Applications such as games and design programs coincide with the release of new technology to fully utilize the potential of the hardware, by matching the potential to their software.

This type of progressive relationship can be seen in everyday devices, people making use of phones released in a year such as 2015 will only be able to install a certain percentage of apps than that of a phone that was released in 2019. As the App creators release more updates and patches, the files get bigger and more advanced resulting in phones needing to be upgraded to meet the minimum requirements, the same principle applies to computers.

Programs such as Photoshop or even games like Anthem™ have a minimum requirement for enabling hardware to run the said programs, this is where SSD’s come in to help increase performance.

An SSD is like a hard drive, in terms that it stores information, with the difference that a hard drive is compilation of small mechanical parts where as an SSD has absolutely no moving/mechanical parts, increasing the read & write time of data. Compared to a hard drive, an SSD has much faster loading time to improve processing time, so it loads up apps faster, more efficiently, allows for swift changes between tabs and it allows for a speedier startup/boot. As a plus; Due to the lack of mechanical parts/moving parts, little to no power is used to utilize the SSD and as a result, your battery life lasts longer and your Laptop and computer generate less heat.

The belief for SSD’s being for designers and gamers is partially true, its almost an essential, but it isn’t purely for the techies. It can be for journalists and writers who swap between internet tabs to look at references whilst writing, its for businesspersons with pressed deadlines, the SSD improves productivity time as every app and tab loads drastically faster than that of a normal hard drive and it can also be for family orientated situation, for people who cherish family photos/videos who want to be ensured of data integrity.

One of the main benefits of the SSD compared to a hard drive is that it has no moving parts and a hard drive, having various sized machinal pieces can break with as little as a bump or knock and that’s all your data lost, to recover this information is expensive and not always successful. The SSD is hardier and can handle a little more wear and tear, giving a lot more safety to your data (That doesn’t mean you should test its limits!).

Times are changing, with every new piece of technology being invented and even more technology is being released and refined every day. It isn’t worth holding onto the familiar when it comes to your computer, upgrades are necessary, and they are called upgrades for a reason! Computers are becoming faster and better, it’s important to keep up with the industry and stay ahead with your work and your play time! We highly recommend upgrading to an SSD if you don’t already have one.

-iTFuture Team

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